What's the difference between a blazer, sport coat, and my suit coat?

A blazer comes from navy traditions. It typically has patch pockets on the outside and metallic buttons, both on the front and on the coat sleeves. Dark colors are common, with navy blue predominating.

A sport coat comes from country living in England (particularly hunting), and is often made of twilled cotton or tweed. Sport coats tend to include rustic shades of brown, but may include a variety of colors.


A suit coat is made of wool and is more formal than the other two. Although naturally it matches your suit’s trousers, many suit coats can also be coordinated with other dressy trousers. Suit coats come in a variety of colors; traditional choices are gray, dark blue, or tan.

How do I know when to wear a tie with business casual clothes?

Perhaps the better question is, what’s best for this ensemble? Your goal is to find the right look for the outfit and occasion. A great tie that works with the fabrics, color scheme, and patterns you’ve chosen can instantly add flair to your look. Your well-chosen tie can add texture and color without changing the essential nature (casual or dressy) of your clothing.


If you’re concerned that a tie is needed for an occasion but want something beyond the conventional look of a long tie, consider a bow tie or a knit tie. 

Can I wear a vest with lapels under my suit coat?

The beauty of custom clothing of clothing is being able to create your individual look and that  

includes vests with lapels under your suit coat. Be sure that the extra thickness of the lapels does not look overly bulky with your coat on.


Remember that, with custom clothing, you always have options. You may save the vest with lapels for days that you’ll be going coatless for much of the time. If you’re unsure what look you prefer, please give us a call so we can work together to create a fantastic signature look for you.

I have a pair of light-colored blue jeans that I love. What should I wear with them?

Light-blue jeans can bring a great summer feel to your wardrobe, especially when paired with a breezy madras shirt. However, light-blue jeans (and other colors of denim) are very informal. You may choose to wear them with nicer knit shirts, such as a polo shirt, and dress up the outfit by including elements such as a light jacket or sweater.  

Can I wear my light-colored suit during the winter?

Light-colored suits are sometimes made of lighter weight

fabrics, and these will not be as warm as your darker, thicker suits. When choosing between your suits for an occasion, let the weather be your guide-wearing a suit that keeps you at a comfortable temperature is the goal. Your suit should also be comfortable, fit you perfectly, and be appropriate for the event.


If you don’t plan on wearing a seasonal suit for part of the year, store your off-season suits in a protective garment bag to limit dust and lint, as well as possible discoloration on the shoulders from light damage.